Published date: Oct. 14, 2021, 1:26 p.m.

This module is in particular beneficial to large sellers who have numerous product to manage, plan in advance for manufacturing and shipping to have the quantities replenished the warehouses. The current module is designed more specifically for Amazon/online sellers who sell in multiple marketplaces and need an easy historical and forecast view of their products. With the ability track logs, the application can keep a record of all the activities done by your employees and thus, those who are using excel for their calculations can now be relieved of managing complex formulas and macros and being fearful about the employees making mistake and jeopardizng the excel sheet. If you need any help feel free to get in touch with us on email or on Skype at Odoosetup

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salient features


  • Easy React based interactive interface which works smooth and fast similar to excel.
  • wholistic view of historical weekly sales, current inventory and forecast view all in one place.
  • An easy way to change the seasonality and buffer and see the numbers dancing yourself to better evaluate stock size at beginning of every month.
  • Since all activities are recorded and tracked you can be less bothered about employees making mistake and not being able to find the root cause.
  • Already habituated with excel? Well we have kept that in mind and given a similar view for lesser context switching for your team.

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Inventory and Purchase upload


Do not want to rely on current stock value in Odoo? Easily upload inventory and purchase orders as excel for different marketplaces to refine your calculations

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Logs view


Out of sync SKUs, categories, new products which have undefined properties, etc will all be shown here so that you can take proper action on those.

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