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Easy Documentation Tool in ODOO

Knowledge Base and Internal Wiki Management


Documentation module to organise all your content & company's internal wiki within ODOO. A feature-rich & easy to use knowledge base system to help document all your organisation's content & promote team collaboration. A detailed study of the subject can be done with up to 5 levels of nested documents, and many supporting features like quick notes, global search & filters that improve the overall user experience.



Create sticky notes and easily filter them using colour combinations and tags.

User-friendly interface & Dark Mode

State of the art design with seamless user experience and dark mode compatibility.

React Technology

The module is built using react library and hence provides a smoother interface.

Groups & Documents

Create and Share documents/subdocuments within team members of groups.

AutoSave & Copy Documents

Docket provides sharing a copy of documents within groups and saving them simultaneously.


Search Documents globally with respect to their name, owner's name & group name.

Private Docs

Create your separate documents in a Private group of your own.

Pinned Docs/Recent Docs

Access your pinned and recent documents from the very dashboard.





   Does it support all Odoo versions such as 12, 13, 14, 15 and Odoo sh as well?

Yes. It supports all Odoo versions such as 12, 13, 14 and works on Odoo sh as well.

   Does it support both Community and Enterprise?

Yes, it supports both Community and Enterpise versions.

   Do I need to buy the module again for a different version when I upgrade ?

Yes, if you chose to upgrade your odoo to a different version then you wil have to buy again but feel free to get in touch with us directly during the upgrade and we might give you a discount on the same considering the fact that you have been a loyal customer already using our module.

   Can I get a live demo of the module?

You can live test this module by clicking on "Use Demo" button at the top of this page or click this ( ) for Live Demo.

   Can I use the module on 1 project only?

Yes. The module can be used on 1 Odoo instance only and not multiple instances.

   Can I share single document to different multiple groups?

Yes, Documents can be shared with multiple users (by adding user in that group) or to different group (this create a copy of document in new group)

   Do you provide custom project development?

Yes, our team consists of experienced React/Flask/Node/Django/Odoo developers so if you like our work and need help with your idea/requirement we can surely do so.