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Odoo Profit and Loss Report
Profit loss reports
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Profit and Loss Dashboard
profit and loss dashboard features
Odoo Report
Power BI Dashboard
Data Source
Odoo reports are built based on multiple data tables connected in one or more ways.
Power BI dashboards are build on Odoo tables and transformed data as needed.
Number of Pages
Odoo reports are generally single page consolidate report. Hence, it shows important but few information on a single page.
Power BI dashboard shows important data in multiple interactive KPIs. Dashboards can be of multiple pages, allows user to get detailed intuitive understanding of the data.
Odoo reports shows text summary of data. This way of reporting is least intutive.
Power BI Dashboards concentrate on building insights into the data by using attractive visuals, graphs, charts, etc.
Odoo Reports generally have a set template. This pre-defined template is hard to alter and shows few to none visual KPIs.
Dashboards can have multiple templates. It is up to the creator to visualize the data to fit the needs of the business. Power BI dashboards are flexible to develop and easy to alter.

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Budgeting, accounting, and revenue forecasting are just a few of the complicated financial data that organizations must deal with as they expand. Profit and loss (P&L) is one of these and is a crucial aspect of every firm; it is important to analyze the factors that contribute to it. The P&L analysis process is made simpler for organizations using Techneith's Profit and Loss Dashboard for Odoo.

Our Profit and Loss Dashboard is made to assist companies in evaluating their financial performance and discovering areas that need improvement. Insights into the organization's financial data are provided by the dashboard in numerous significant ways, including:

Growing & Declining Products :-

The dashboard provides a detailed analysis of the sales performance of each product. This helps organizations to identify products that are performing well and those that are not.

Customized dashboards :-

The organization's design and UI templates are reflected in the way our dashboard is made. This makes sure that using and navigating the dashboard is simple. Since we create dashboards from scratch, we can tailor them to the specific needs of the organization.

Real-Time Data :-

The dashboard can be refreshed in a matter of minutes, ensuring that the data reflected is precise to the last detail. This allows organizations to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Key KPIs Used in Profit and Loss Dashboards

kpi used:-
          Income, OPEX,
          EBITDA, Gross
          Profit, NET