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PowerBI Manual Installation

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Please ensure that you have PowerBI Desktop installed in your Windows machine.

Watch all steps in this video

  • Note: Proceed with step 1 only if you haven't received your license key. Otherwise, go to step 2

    Step 1: Request your license key

    Click Here to request your license key


    Fill out the following details on the provided link:

    • Name
    • Name of Organization
    • Odoo Production and Staging URL
    • Purchase/Invoice number (If you are on trial put "Trial" in this field)
    Step 1: Requesting your license key

    On submitting the form successfully you will receive your license key on the e-mail you mentioned in the form within 48 hours

  • Step 2: Module verification

    Install the module on your Odoo and follow the steps given below to verify your module

    • 2.1 Copy the License Key you received from Techneith on your email

    • 2.2 Head to your ODOO and make sure you have installed the Odoo PowerBI Direct Connector Module.

      Once you have installed the module go to the Settings page.

    • 2.3 Click Bi Connector on left panel ( this will be available only after Odoo Power BI Direct Connector Module is installed on your ODOO)

    • 2.4 Paste your License Key in the License Key field ( was copied in Step 2.1 )

      Then click Save and then Generate Token

  • Step 3: Desktop Configuration

    • Use the below link to download the EXE file and run it on the Windows machine on which Power BI Desktop is installed.

      Click Here
    • 3.1 Run powerbiconnector.exe on your Windows machine. (Right click on powerbiconnector.exe and click Run as Administrator) This configures your PowerBI Desktop with Odoo Connector

    • 3.2 After Running powerbiconnector.exe you can see feedback message and notification (as shown in below images). This confirms our configuration is done successfully

  • Step 4: Connecting with Odoo

    Follow below steps to connect PowerBI with ODOO

    • 4.1 Click Get Data on Home Tab in PowerBI Desktop

    • 4.2 Search for TechneithConnector in the Get Data window. Then click Connect

    • After this you will see the following screen

      We will fill this contents in Step 5

  • Step 5: Linking and Data Fetching

    Follow below steps to link connector and fetch data

    • 5.1 Copy and Paste Connecter Url and Access Token from ODOO (generated in step 2.4) to Odoo Power BI Direct Connector window (left in step 4.2)

      After step 5.1 click OK

    • 5.2 You can see tables from your ODOO database. Select tables you want to continue with in PowerBI and click Load.

    • 5.3 Tables are being fetched and You can see loading as shown in the below image

      Note: Time to load data depends on the size of data to be fetched

    • 5.4 Odoo Database is now connected successfully with PowerBI Desktop and you can see content of your tables

  • Step 6: How to Reflect Data change in PowerBI Desktop if there is change in data in ODOO

    • Click on the Refresh in Home tab. (This loads and reflects the changes happened to data in ODOO)

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Can This work with Ubuntu Server Linux on premise

i have an Ubuntu Server which runs odoo for the business so that man employees can connect and work at one can i use this there ?


On Sept. 15, 2023, 5:20 a.m. GMT


Yes, The connector works on Odoo on premises and Odoo Sh as well. Multiple Power Bi clients can connect to your Odoo server as well. Contact info@techneith.com for further info.


On Sept. 15, 2023, 5:46 a.m. GMT



Where to contact your team for dashboards discussion?


On April 25, 2023, 6:27 a.m. GMT


Hi Jose, please contact on info@techneith.com


On April 25, 2023, 6:28 a.m. GMT

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